Firing A Gun Is Not That Easy As It Looks In The Movies!

All of us have seen a variety of movies where people shot at each other and in these scenes, firing a gun seems like child’s play. However, in real life, things are not that easy. First of all, you need to take a safety course first, in order to be able to legally operate a firearm. Afterwards, you should be prepared for other things and become aware of the behavior of the gun in your hand as well. Read this article and discover an insight about how it is like to fire a handgun.


1.    Firearms are quite heavy. If you have never hold a firearm in your hands then you should be prepared as they are quite heavy. They actually weigh more than they seem because they are entirely made from a tough and very durable material. So, use your muscles when holding a firearm and you will be fine.

2.    Firearms are quite loud. When you see people shooting at various distant ranges, they have headphones on their ears. Have you ever wondered why is this happening? Obviously, they don’t listen to music while firing these weapons. The headphones provide adequate sound protection, so that you don’t become distracted or even scared by the noise firearms make. And yes, the bigger the gun, the louder the sound.

3.    Firearms have a rebound effect. If you can easily hold a handgun and you think that you are already a tough guy then stop for a moment and breathe. If is not really that easy. Pretty much all firearms have a rebound effect, meaning that they will jump back when you fire them. This happens when the bullet is fired and leaves the firearm towards the target. For some, this sudden explosion of force can be quite bothering, so remember to stay sharp all the times and be mentally prepared for this.

Obviously, larger firearms have more powerful rebound effects and you need to learn how to keep them in your hands properly in order to minimize the distraction. With time and practice, you will become more experienced and you will be able to predict and control the behavior of the firearm better.

4.    Breathe softly and evenly when firing. Any slight hand or body movement will alter the destination of the bullet. It is advised to learn to breathe softly when firing a handgun, otherwise you will miss your target most of the times.

5.    Hold the firearm with your both hands. Again, don’t play as the tough guy who easily fires a gun with a single arm. This is not productive or safe, especially if you are a beginner. Hold your firearm tightly with your both hands and swiftly operate the trigger at the right moments, in order to increase your chances of reaching your target.

So many pieces of advice, you might think. Well, they appear difficult at first but once you become accustomed with holding and firing a gun then you will be able to do it with less and less effort. A firearm safety course is exactly what you need in order to learn how to operate a gun accurately and safely, so don’t hesitate to contact us and request our affordable course as soon as possible.